San Telmo is one of the most ancient and representative neigh- bourhoods in the city of Buenos Aires, in which we can find constructions from the XVIII, XIX (San Telmo Aparts) and XX century.
bar el británico

mercado de san telmo

The streets of stone, cafés, yards and conventillos of colonial style, constituted towards half of the twentieth century the most noble area of the city, and witnesses of the birth of tango, they fascinated the artists that converted them in the transit of art and the bohemia of the city during the 60'.
Nowadays, particularly on Sundays, the neighbourhood transforms itself into a big art market in whose park (Dorrego) salesmen, artists and tango dancers reunite.

plaza dorrego

pasaje de la defensa

Ancient and modern, calm and busy, San Telmo is located a few blocks from the city's downtown and close to interesting places such as Puerto Madero, the Ecological Reservoir and the district of La Boca. Besides, it has the best comforts: fast and easy transport to any place in the city, and a satisfactory variety of local commerce (market, supermarket, laundry-shops and banks).

diseño x dixus